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Discussion in 'Announcements & Updates' started by Seiichi, Nov 16, 2016.

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    We have now mostly finished implementing a new system for people to purchase premium currency for the various games that we are hosting.

    To purchase currency you can click the top right where it says wallet, select purchase and select the value that you wish to purchase.

    After purchasing Platinum you need to click products and choose the product category, and then purchase the currency value that you want.

    To redeem your gift card you will need to go to your purchase history and click the link to open the redeem page where you will need to fill out your forum username, your game username (not email) and then copy your gift card code into the proper field.

    We are also implementing a credit system which will allow members to earn credits by being active on the forum. The better the content you post, the more credits you will earn. Any abuse of this system will lead to members having their abilities to earn credits taken away or potentially banned. All transactions and transfers are tracked, and set to notify admins if excessive credits begin showing on any users account.

    The current trade in for credits is going to be 5000 for $5, 10000 for $10 and 20000 for $20. You do earn credits for logging in (750 for a full month). We will not be taking suggestions for the credit system, and will adjust it as we see fit.

    Here is a breakdown on how to earn credits: http://community.adeptgamer.com/threads/earn-credits-to-earn-free-diamonds-or-other-currency.353/

    Currently Known Issues:
    • Redeemed codes continue to show as active on the forum (they are unable to be redeemed a second time).

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