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Dragon's Prophet
Dragon's Prophet is a action MMORPG with a large world filled with over 300+ dragons which can be tamed and used in and out of combat. Play as a Guardian, Oracle, Ranger or Sorcerer to take on the variety of dungeons, world bosses or against other players.
Martial Arts MMORPG
Swordsman Online
Swordsman Online is a fast-paced martial arts MMORPG focusing on a well-balanced PvP system. Featuring 10 unique schools of martial arts, Swordsman Online offers a style for just about everyone.
In Development
Dark Fantasy MMORPG
RaiderZ is a fast-pace action RPG with a focus on group raids where you hunt enormous monsters. With no specific class systems, players are free to create their own builds to compliment their self-crafted gear earned through battle.
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If you are interested in purchasing Platinum please read this thread: Platinum & Credits

Adept Gamer

Announcement Platinum & Credits
We have now mostly finished implementing a new system for people to purchase premium currency for the various games that we are hosting.

Redeeming Platinum or Credits for in-game currency:

To purchase currency you can click the top right where it says wallet, select purchase and select the value that you wish to purchase.

After purchasing Platinum you need to click... Continue Reading
Due to dungeons lacking mob spawns there will be another maintenance tonight to fix the issue, but the rest of the game will remain up.

The ETA is 3AM PST, but may continue longer if needed.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and will try to fix the issue as needed.

We are glad to announce that the Laedis 102 quest has been fixed, and that we will lowering VIP exp requirements to something more reasonable. Continue Reading
Announcement Staff Update
Due to differences between Emma and some of the staff members, and comments she has made towards some of the players Emma was asked to step down from her role as lead community manager. Instead of accepting the demotion she decided to leave the network, and is not currently associated with AdeptGamer (formerly Sakura Universe).

We will not be going into specifics and ask players not to bring it up on the forums unless it is actually pertintent and if so to do so with a staff member through... Continue Reading
Emergency maintenance, we apologize for the inconvenience. Continue Reading
Good afternoon!

Tomorrow morning we perform maintenance tasks in order to correct and improve some aspects of the game.

some error correction features will be included, as well.

The maintenance will start at 10:45 AM and will end on 11:30 AM


Mjolnir Continue Reading