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Dragon's Prophet
Dragon's Prophet is a action MMORPG with a large world filled with over 300+ dragons which can be tamed and used in and out of combat. Play as a Guardian, Oracle, Ranger or Sorcerer to take on the variety of dungeons, world bosses or against other players.
Martial Arts MMORPG
Swordsman Online
Swordsman Online is a fast-paced martial arts MMORPG focusing on a well-balanced PvP system. Featuring 10 unique schools of martial arts, Swordsman Online offers a style for just about everyone.
In Development
Dark Fantasy MMORPG
RaiderZ is a fast-pace action RPG with a focus on group raids where you hunt enormous monsters. With no specific class systems, players are free to create their own builds to compliment their self-crafted gear earned through battle.
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If you are interested in purchasing Platinum please read this thread: Platinum & Credits

Adept Gamer

For the month of December we will be increasing the amount of Diamonds that you can redeem when spending Platinum. This event will only be running until January or until codes run out (I doubt it).

Here are the changes to the amounts, so you know how much of a difference there is.

250 = 350
1250 = 1600
2625 = 3500
5500 = 7500
11,300 = 16,000
23,200 = 35,000
30000 = 45,000

(I'll be honest, I just added numbers to make them higher, there was no real math involved). Continue Reading
We have now finished the transfer to the new server, hopefully without any hiccups. If you notice any bugs please post them in the bug report and suggestion forum, and we will do our best to quickly address them. Sky Island Merchant, Laedis 102 quest, and Replacement are things that are known and should not be reported.

The donation system has also been brought back up, and is currently working so anyone who was wanting to donate before the server transfer can do so now. Continue Reading
Due to the DMCA notice that was sent by Nexon regarding the Vindictus server our server host for Dragon's Prophet has decided that they do not want to host us any longer, and that we will have to transfer our server somewhere else.

The downtime tonight was to assure that the Diamond's database, the character database and the servers were all backed up in preparations for the move. While making sure to back up early is convenient and provides redundancy for us, it means that players will... Continue Reading

Firstly, and probably the change that effects the most people is the removal of Vindictus from the AdeptGamer Network, and the removal of Salsa's association with the network.

The removal of Vindictus comes after Nexon sent a DMCA to CloudFlare, our host and the data center we are hosted with. Rather than deal with the legal issues that generally surround Nexon games, the decision was to remove Vindictus and give the server over to Salsa (including the work done by... Continue Reading
We are currently experiencing some downtime because the data center screwed up and is currently fixing the issue.

We do not know when the server will be back up.

EDIT: The server is back up. Continue Reading