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Dragon's Prophet
Dragon's Prophet is a action MMORPG with a large world filled with over 300+ dragons which can be tamed and used in and out of combat. Play as a Guardian, Oracle, Ranger or Sorcerer to take on the variety of dungeons, world bosses or against other players.
Martial Arts MMORPG
Swordsman Online
Swordsman Online is a fast-paced martial arts MMORPG focusing on a well-balanced PvP system. Featuring 10 unique schools of martial arts, Swordsman Online offers a style for just about everyone.
In Development
Dark Fantasy MMORPG
RaiderZ is a fast-pace action RPG with a focus on group raids where you hunt enormous monsters. With no specific class systems, players are free to create their own builds to compliment their self-crafted gear earned through battle.
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If you are interested in purchasing Platinum please read this thread: Platinum & Credits

Adept Gamer

If you're looking for the latest download for Dragon's Prophet you can find it here.

Latest Patch (February 26th):

Direct: Client 2/27/2017
Mega: Being Uploaded

If you use the torrent link, please seed as much as possible. Continue Reading
A while back we put in a place a system to allow people to earn Diamonds (or currency in other games) by just being active and posting on the forum. Here is the breakdown on how you can earn credits.
  • Daily Login: 25
  • Registration: 500
  • Create New Thread: 50
  • Create New Thread (Guide / Tip): 100
  • Creates a post: 25 (50 if over 100 characters)
  • Thread Delete: -100
  • Post Delete: -50
While we will be giving out free credits for the above things, people who abuse the... Continue Reading
Announcement Level Cap Increase
We will be increasing the level cap on Dragon's Prophet to 120 on January 1st and increasing the weapons and armor level cap to 116.

To prepare for the new level cap increase we have added Supreme XP Orbs (1million exp) to the item shop for 250 Diamonds each. Continue Reading
Announcement Diamond Replacement
From this point forward we are no longer going to be honoring any donations to SkyDragon as we cannot confirm whether or not these were actual donations, or whether they were fully redeemed and spent on our server. There have been too many instances where people have tried to abuse the good will gestures put forth by the server (either honoring donations that we could never confirm, or registration diamonds with dozens of accounts).

To put it into perspective, I just finished deleting 500+... Continue Reading
Rules Site Rules
Forum Rules
  1. Members should always be respectful of each other and of staff. Insults and flaming are never acceptable, and arguments must remain civil and only ever in the debate forum.
  2. When posting try to remain on topic and post appropriately. Threads should always be posted in the proper section, and posts should always be related to a threads topic. If you are unsure of where a...
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